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Did you speak in raised tones? Of course, we talked. It happens to every person. This event is especially frequent on the black market. And the purchase of psychoactive substances has not bypassed this – there are also regular debates that deserve to become the plot of some kind of horror thriller. Therefore, it is much more comfortable for the psyche to order amusing, soothing, tonic and other types of substances on the Internet. They won’t shout at you there, they won’t throw a brick in your face, they won’t heat you with a frying pan and they won’t point the barrel at you. And the best marketplace on the Internet is MEGA darkmarket.

Official сайт MEGA onion

Why are we the best? There are many reasons for this, and they are not limited to the fact that we have the widest range, the fact that we have the most thorough check of sellers for the honesty and quality of goods and services, the fact that our exchangers are the fastest and most profitable, and even the fact that we we work around the clock without a break for lunch or a smoke break, is not final.

We have been on the market for a long time, and during this time we have created the most fault-tolerant site. Tens of thousands of hackers around the world have so far only been able to temporarily suspend the work of our resource, which has not affected us and you – we have dozens of “МЕГА зеркало” that work in any weather and bad weather, which we create more often than we are attacked. While one mirror “falls”, we will create five more. Like a real hydra (мега маркет). Only we are cooler than the hydra, because the hydra is no more.

Working ссылка-зеркало MEGA

For the most part, drug buyers are the most ordinary people, and not everyone is lucky enough to go to online security courses. We did it for you. We recommend using easy-to-remember combinations of passwords and account names, but with the condition that your passwords are long enough, do not repeat on any resource, and change regularly. It is also advisable to avoid the same nicknames: the more your identities differ from each other, the higher the likelihood that if you lose your account, you will lose only this account, and not all at once. The recommended password length is thirty-two characters. More is possible, less is not good. Be sure to use capital letters, numbers, and special characters. This will complicate the selection of a password both by dictionary and by brute force. Your account name—especially on the dark web МЕГА ссылка — should be different from your real name. And it should be different from nicknames on other resources. For example, you are known to the police database as Petr Alekseevich Ivanov. Your VKontakte account is called Petka Cherny, and the address is something like @blackpete. In this case, on the сайт MEGA marketplace website, it is better to call yourself Madonna3754, especially if you are not a fan of Madonna. Less coincidence with a real person – more anonymity.

List of the most frequently asked questions:

  1. The MEGA сайт is down. Why and what to do?
  2. Recommend the best MEGA ссылка onion
  3. How to understand which address is correct?
  4. How to access the МЕГА даркнет сайт now?
  5. And what to do with the Tor browser? Is it rolling now?
  6. What makes площадка MEGA darkmarket different from other sites? And what is a marketplace anyway?
  7. Where can I read the buying guide?

How to enter площадка MEGA MARKET?

We are real workaholics, always have been and always will be. There is no good reason for us not to work рабочее зеркало. For this and not only for this reason, the MEGA сайт marketplace is available from morning to evening, from evening to morning, on New Year’s Day, on St. Valentine’s Day, on March 8th and on other days of the year. Any time of the day. Every second. Nonstop. Without “sorry, we have a shortened day today.” You will definitely be able to catch up even at three in the morning on the first of January. This is the only way to work on the black market.

We accept absolutely all types of payments. Bank cards of any bank, be it the popular Sberbank, VTB and Tinkoff or less popular ones like Otkritie; SIM card balance (and it doesn’t matter what operator you have, we work with Megafon, Beeline, MTS, and Tele2); an account on an electronic wallet (QIWI or UMoney) and cryptocurrency – we all “eat” it and are always ready to help with the transaction. And commissions are always low.

If you have Tor Browser, then you are on the right path possible. This is the best browser for anonymous surfing on the dark and outright black web. It’s secure, it’s anonymous, it’s highly secure, and it’s constantly being improved МЕГА даркнет. And you yourself will be better off if you go to their website and toss them a couple of coins. This will help developers make the browser even more resistant to information interception, and you – more calm about your freedom, money and security.

Correct зеркало МЕГА даркнет

Be careful and careful when using psychoactive substances: the use of drugs containing drugs can be detrimental to your health! Be sure to read the contraindications and harm reduction techniques.

Often, drug users complain about such unpleasant phenomena as “not found”, “underweight” and discrepancy between the ordered drug and the received one. This, unfortunately, can happen even on our marketplace – we are not a store and do not sell anything directly, sellers do it. And we ban the bad ones, of course. But if you suddenly stumbled upon a bad service, then you should write a letter to technical support within twelve hours from the date of purchase, where you need to indicate all the details of what happened. Describe how they bought, who was the seller, what position they acquired, when and how exactly everything went wrong. The more detailed the description of the situation, the higher the probability of success in the dispute.

The administration of the trading platform reserves the right to refuse assistance and the right to block your account if you open a dispute for no reason and / or otherwise violate the rules of the ссылка-зеркало MEGA marketplace. Swearing and using obscene language is also in the treasury of wrong decisions: this is not accepted in our country. Write only on business and with respect to us. We do want to help you.

In cases where the mass of the received goods is less than what you ordered, you must, within the same twelve hours from the date of purchase, provide photographs of the packaging, as well as photographs and video recordings of the weighing of the package on accurate scales. Otherwise, the application for compensation will simply not be considered.

Another important factor influencing your success in negotiations is the age and activity of the account. The more days your account has and the more purchases you have made, the more credibility your words have. Complaints from “dummies” are usually ignored.

Даркнет площадка MEGA onion

Difficulties in buying drugs are the scourge of the countries of the former USSR. In developed countries, many convicts on articles related to possession of drugs are amnestied, sentences for possession of drugs are mitigated or completely abolished, but in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other CIS countries, everything is the same: you will be “set on fire” with a bag of grass mega ссылка, beaten, thrown a couple of grams of “salt” and closed for a long time. The “cane system” forces one to take the step of buying drugs online, because the risk of running into police officers is lower with this method of purchase than with more classic methods.

The площадка MEGA ссылка offers you the most massive list of positions. Love cones? We have. Hashish? Eat. Prefer something more romantic? MDMA and XTC are also available. Speed, “salts”, heroin and nbom – not a problem. Not a problem for us and more exotic options. There are positions for every taste and budget. Residents of the largest cities (such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan) have a particularly wide choice – they have the largest number of couriers, drivers, the largest stocks and the most interesting assortment on мега площадка.

MEGA вход via Tor Browser

Our site and all our mirrors are accessible not only from a personal computer. You can easily get to us from a mobile phone, whether it is on Android or iOS, from a tablet PC or from any other device with Internet access. Some bought on the MEGA площадка, accessing it from TVs with the “smart TV” function.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make your first and memorable purchase on the MEGA ссылка marketplace:

  1. We open the main page of the trading platform in the browser, after making sure that you clicked on a verified and correct link, and not on a phishing link taken from dubious sources.
  2. We come up with an account name, a login to log in and, accordingly, a password. We remind you that your safety ссылка МЕГА and the safety of your funds directly depend on how easy it is for you to remember your data and how difficult it is for attackers to guess.
  3. We replenish the balance of the МЕГА даркнет account. This can be done in a variety of ways МЕГА ссылки and the site has detailed instructions for each payment method.
  4. And now the most difficult and most pleasant thing: we decide what we want to buy, how much we want to buy, we are looking for the best seller, we add the product to the cart, we pay, we get the coordinates and we go to look for the treasure chest.

24/7 and 7 days a week, administrators, moderators, operators and other employees of the MEGA darkmarket site are ready to help, no matter what happens to you. We have links both on the dark web and more mundane options, although we strongly advise you to stick to using only МЕГА сайт .onion mirrors and the Tor browser, so your money stays with you, and the purchase of the plan will always go according to plan.

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7 thoughts on “МЕГА ДАРКНЕТ САЙТ”

  1. “Дорогие пользователи, проводится обновление маркетплейса, из-за чего регистрация новых аккаунтов работает с ограничениями. Если не получилось зарегистрироваться, попробуйте чуть позже. С уважением, команда Меги.” – Чуть позже жду уже 3 суток. Подскажите, в чем дело?

    А если пытаешься зайти на свой аккаунт – пишет, что доступ только для активных пользователей. Беда какая то. Как скоро решат проблему?

  2. Приветствую! Сделайте нормальную статистику по покупателю. Непонятно с кем ты ведешь речь! Сколько у него средний чек, сколько открытых диспутов, сколько перезакладов, сколько отказов в перезакладе. Статистика мега даркнет должна отображаться у всех магазинов одинаковая по всем сделкам покупателя! Возьмите в пример Осьминогов приятно работать, тут же дикий ужас.

  3. Ну я не топлю за мегу особо, но и на других сайтах я разное встречал, поверь 🙂 то смена кошелька без предупреждения 🙂 предупреждение выскочило через час после залива и ушли 15к х пойми кому. Благо порешали. Мега ссылка все мои задачи решала до этого момента. Пусть не быстро, но решали. Тут я не знаю что с вами приключилось, но понятно ситуация не из приятных и я бы сейчас разъёбывал здесь ветку так же на вашем месте. Удачного решения проблемы.

  4. Я живу в городе с населением 40к. Витрина мега даркнет очень часто бывает пустой, у меня есть машина и если совсем грустно, херачу в соседний город 70 км, это региональный центр там есть всё и представлены многие магазины, а так на крайняк на электричке или подожду 1-2 дня , ну это для тех, кто на тяжёлом не сидит. Вот живя в маленьком городке, приходиться лопатить по 4-5 маркетплейсов, потому что то на одном что-то выложат, то на другом. Так и живём. А вообще я закупился в этот раз семенами, соорудил гроубокс, накупил примочек всяких для выращивания по старой памяти и вуаля, через 4 месяца пару кустиков индорной галюциногенной сортовухи грамм на 250-300 сухого соберу, если не накосячу при подъёме 🙂 Вообще если кто просто курит, как я и у вас есть возможность варищивать пару, тройку кустов то вообще забот не будет, прикуриваешься только быстро когда ее очень много… 😉

  5. Согласен с тобой друг, у меня такая же ситуация и я жду их уже около 5 дней. Заходит сб – сегодня спустя 40 дней и пишет здравствуйте что случилось? При этом ранее они уже переоткрывали диспуты, но они закрылись и опять ждать 2 недели пока он тебе ответит привет, работать вообще никто не хочет, такое ощущение. И здесь мне тоже ответили что позовут СБ мега даркнет, но только смысл от СБ если там сидят камни которые отвечают по 2 недели. 45 дней не решить простой вопрос где я все аргументы и доказательства привел, это просто безобразие уже какое-то… Надеялся что хоть здесь помогут, как-то ускорят процесс, но, видимо, всё бессмысленно.

  6. Recently, due to an update, the mega market could not access the site. But yesterday everything was fixed and now all pages open perfectly. And I separately ask for more instant positions in St. Petersburg with weed.

  7. The best MEGA даркнет сайт I’ve ever seen! Instant positions throughout the city, convenient search for goods, fast loading of the site. Develop in the same direction, thanks!

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